At Becoming a Lady, we give high importance to identifying those subtle traits that form an air of gentility and charm. We take women… and develop them into ladies using our Online Finishing School.

When a woman transcends beyond the ordinary, she becomes unforgettable. She commands respect and admiration from her peers, and is granted opportunities reserved only for women of her refined status. Doors open for that lady, and that lady can be you.

Are you living up to your potential as a woman?

Have you ever felt that you can do better?

Are you living the life you know you deserve?

Do you showcase your beauty in the best way possible?

Do you leave a positive, lasting impression?

Do you want more attention… more respect… more admiration… more confidence… more opportunities?

Women who attend finishing schools (also called etiquette schools, or charm schools), live a higher quality of life than the average woman. These women are aware of the multitude of opportunities that their training offers them, and actively pursue their right to a life of their dreams.

The most rewarding investment that you can ever make in your life, is the investment on yourself, for it is the one thing that you must carry with you for your entire life. Everything else can be sold, trashed, or consumed, but your body and mind is uniquely yours. An investment in body and mind through an education in etiquette and charm, is an investment that will reap benefits for you every moment of the rest of your life.


* Live the life you want and deserve

* Be more attractive to men (and women)

* Be taken seriously and considered a formidable woman in the workplace

* Become the best woman that you can be

* A lifetime of social recognition and financial rewards

This is not a fairy-tale. These are genuine benefits that you can enjoy by transforming yourself from an ordinary woman to an elegant lady. Don’t deny yourself this opportunity.

You can start today and study from home

With our online delivery system, we are able to offer a curriculum at a fraction of the cost than face-to-face courses. Other educational facilities can cost thousands of dollars and often require long periods of stay away from home.

We will work with your raw individuality and polish you into a diamond. You will benefit from our training for the rest of your life. Increased business and social opportunities, better relationships, and a developed self-worth are some of the advantages of becoming a lady.

You will learn to present yourself with style, charm and poise. With etiquette training, you will be prepared for any social situation, and be able to present an air of ease and sensibility.

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